Guiding Principles

It is our belief that children and youth must have equal access to a quality education. They should be provided with the opportunity to develop their knowledge, talents and skills;

We believe that we must empower children and youth through the development and support of educational and social projects which goal is to create better learning opportunities;

We are committed to work with governmental institutions, charity foundations and other national and international non-governmental organizations in order to have bigger impact and achieve our goals.

Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage accessible education for children and youth by supporting projects ensuring safe and relaxing learning environment; to motivate children and youth to develop and expand their knowledge and skills through the creation of educational facilities; to improve the quality of learning and education using the modern Internet technologies and innovative teaching approaches .

The aim of OneWorld Foundation is to empower children and youth to learn about today’s world and economy in the era of globalization by facilitating their education in becoming successful citizens of the world. By providing them with opportunities to learn how to use the modern technologies, we encourage them to master their lives.

Our Vision

Imagine a world where all children have the chance to fulfil their potential and talents, to develop their knowledge and skills, to be prepared for becoming global citizens. A world where children have the opportunity to acquire real-life skills in finance, investments and innovations which will allow them to become self-reliant individuals.  

Our Story

In 2015 we founded the OneWorld Foundation to support children’s right to education and self-improvement and to give them further opportunities to learn and develop.

The OneWorld Foundation, with Bulstat Registration Number 176819302, is certified by the Central Register of non-profit organisations for implementation of public purposes at the  Bulgarian Ministry of Justice under the Registration number: 20150326001/26.03.2015.

We have also developed inside rules, approved by the Bulgarian State Agency for National Security, to prevent money laundering and other illegal activities.