Currently we are not accepting applications from India, Uganda and Cameroon due to the large number of funded projects there.



We are eager to collaborate with organizations who share our values and guiding principles. We support initiatives and activities relevant to our goals which have the potential to empower children, educate and develop them or propose innovations in the area of education.

Prospective applicants should fill in the Grant Application Form and send it along with the other required documents via e-mail to [email protected]. In the Application Form, you need to present your organization, the purpose and objective of the project, duration, the expected result and the budget.

Applications are considered throughout the year and each proposal is carefully reviewed. Your initiative would be evaluated on its correlation to our goal, the time framework for implementation and the expected impact that the project will have. The projects should reach out to as many children and youngsters as possible.

Please, note that grants are provided only to non-governmental organizations and public institutions. The budget should not exceed 3 000 EUR*.

After a period of consideration which lasts up to a month, we will contact you via e-mail if your project has been selected. In case the submitted project is approved, a contract for providing the grant will be signed by the Foundation and the beneficiary organization. We will expect from the Beneficiary to carry out the proposed project activities according to the agreed schedule and to provide us with full reports about the real impact of the project, photos and results.

We will make sure to the best of our abilities that as many projects as possible are supported by the OWF.


View our grant giving criteria.



Funds above this limit are also provided occasionally but only if we are assured of the credibility of the beneficiary organization, the impact of the project and its value for the community. 

This budget limit is not applicable to past partners with whom we have already developed well-established partnerships.