Welcome to the Adventures of Super Ted!

Let's dive into a world full of history and pirates, golden coins and treasures, money and financial institutions!

The OneWorld Foundation is all about empowering children through education and long-term support. Therefore, we are so thrilled to announce our own remarkable initiative 'Free Financial Education for Kids'. Together with the OneAcademy, we aim to develop and present the main financial concepts in an accessible, easy to understand format such as comics and animated video lectures.

'The Adventures of Super Ted' is a series of comic books on financial education for children from 5 to 12-years-old. The series aims to empower children to become independent and productive citizens, who understand the basic concepts of money and finance. The content is developed by a team of financial experts, entrepreneurs, illustrators and people with teaching experience. This ensures that the comics and the video lectures are adapted for children to explore the material at their own pace in their free time. It is made so kids can learn about money and financial institutions while having fun.

  • The Adventures of Super Ted

    History of Money
  • Circulation of Money

    Making the money go around

    Making Money
  • Savings and Investments

    How do dreams come true?
  • Banks

    Where is our money stored?
  • Prices

    Finance Markets. Supply and Demand
  • Risk

    Risk and Insurance
  • The State

    Why do we pay taxes?

History of Money

Circulation of Money

Making Money

The adventures of Super Ted is an educational game designed to teach children basic financial terms and skills. It is directed at children above 7 years old and anyone who wish to experience the unpredictable world of money and finance.