In-Home Child Sponsorship Program

We are excited about our new partnership with CameroonOne. We have funded their In-Home Child Sponsorship program. The project has been designed to support both orphans and their surviving relatives with the goal of keeping families together. 

Together we will provide 32 scholarships to children from the Mankon and Belo communities in two villages in Northwest Cameroon. The children are selected by a vulnerability criteria chain. By international laws and standards, orphaned children are supposed to be reunited with family members. If there are no family members capable of raising them, then they should be placed within willing homes within their community of birth. In the event that all these options are exhausted, then (and only then) should international adoption become an option. That said, these standards are routinely ignored or flouted around the world. Therefore, CameroonOne’s mission is to promote the standards of international law and to keep families together. * 

Orphanages should be used only as a last-case scenario. They should be for those without any other options. By providing 32 scholarships through this project we hope that we will help the overcrowded and underfunded orphanages while simultaneously reuniting families by placing children in the households of surviving family members. The support will ensure their education and provide for a healthy live. Each household receives a per annum stipend to offset the costs of PTA school fees, medical assistance, school supplies, uniforms, text books, shoes, and basic food staples. In return, the relatives should encourage children's development by ensuring school attendance as well as fulfilling healthcare and vaccination needs. What is more, children's progress in school will be tracked and monitored. The aim is to ensure that any issues are addressed on time. 

This project can reduce short-term poverty by directly providing a partial income to the impoverished and those most in need. Also it can ultimately fight long-term poverty by developing children's potential who, otherwise, might have been left with no education at all. 

*Special thanks to CameroonOne!