New modern classroom for 160 children with special needs

Education is one of the most essential tools for future success in life. Education means also empowerment, opportunity, strength. What is more, education is a right and we strongly urge that all children around the world have access to it. OneWorld Foundation has been advocating for the universality of this right since its establishment and that is why, we are proud to share with you yet another successfully executed project promoting inclusive education.

This time we directed our help to 160 children from the School Centre for Inclusive Education "Maria Montessori” in Constanta, Romania. The centre is a public institution that provides services for children with special needs so they have equal opportunities in education and better integrate into the society. The children in the centre, aged between 6 to 16 years old, suffer from mental and behaviour disorders; others have sensory difficulties, attention deficit disorder and autistic spectrum disorders. Hence they need special equipment so they can learn and receive therapy according to their needs.

However, as a public institution they can hardly afford any of the modern tools that the children need to achieve better results in their development. Therefore, OWF helped with the renovation and sanitation of a special Montessori classroom as well as with the purchase of modern educational furniture and all needed materials. The Montessori method is a method of education that is based on self-directed activity, hands-on learning and collaborative play. Children explore different aspects of the room and learn at their own pace. The room will be also used for an occupational therapy by all children and will facilitate their faster recovery.

Children with special needs are often marginalized and excluded from society, but like all other children they deserve a right to education and a happy childhood. OneWorld Foundation is committed to continue with its support and to ensure as many children as possible enjoy them.

Kindness and respect define us as people, and in a world in which these qualities are found more and more rarely, we believe that the desire to help those who need support ennobles human beings.

Dear sponsors and OneWorld Foundation, we are writing in order to send you our heartfelt thanks, both from us as institution, and from the children for the financial effort that you have made, and especially for your generosity that you showed in your deed.

We would like to thank especially to Mrs. Ancuta Cazan, Mrs. Cristina Oprea, Mr. Cristi Calina, and Mr. Iulian Constantin for their help, direct implication and for the attention they gave to our school centre.

The classroom inspires children to work at their own pace favoring the development of independent living skills.” - Ms. Roxana Giubernea, legal representative of the centre.