OneWorld Foundation has teamed up with Fountain Youth Initiative to implement Mwihoko Water and Sanitation Project. The project will benefit 1700 vulnerable children and 32 teachers at Mwihoko Primary School, located in the Githurai division of the Ruiru district of Kenya.

The Githurai division has a population of approximately 450 000 people with the majority being women and children. The local residents in Githurai are facing numerous social and economic challenges due to rapid population growth and the high level of illiteracy and poverty which are the main contributing factors for the underdevelopment of the community. 

Fountain Youth Initiative echoes the belief that poverty cannot be solved without solving sanitation problems first. The Githurai community is facing water shortage, lack of water infrastructure and poor sewage system. The local government pumps water only twice a week and therefore the local people are forced to have storage tanks to ensure they have enough water for daily use. The local schools, one of which is Mwihoko primary school, are also facing the same problem leading to the spread of waterborne diseases such as diarrhea and cholera. This often results in school dropouts, poor academic performance and high mortality rate among children. 

To help tackle this problem, OWF funded the construction of a water tank and sanitation facilities in order for the school to collect rain water and provide life-saving facilities to its students and teachers. In addition to that, a Sanitation Club will be established at the school to educate children on the importance of personal hygiene and sanitation. This would result at helping them develop basic hygiene habits.

We hope that we will encourage local children to go to school regularly and reduce the number of  drop-outs and sickness.