ICT class – a ticket to the top!

Yet another project is on its way and it is also in a new country for us. OWF ensured that 75 children at the Somawathi Home in Sri Lanka will follow ICT (Information and Communications technology) classes for a whole year. 

The Somawathi house is a lot more than just a home for 125 children. It provides the children with a loving and safe environment in which they can grow and develop into healthy, responsible and educated members of society. The house also has developed extra-curricular classes open for other children as well. Many toddlers and preschoolers attend the Montessori school located on the premises and the clinic there offers medical care to some 1500 people free of charge. The children assigned to the Somawathi house are from diverse backgrounds, when they cannot be placed in a foster home or when the placement was not successful. 

In today's digital world, ICT skills are from essential importance for the future careers of the children. The classes will be held every Monday where children will learn how to work with computers and different software and how to us the Internet in a safe way. 

OWF echoes Somawathi house's slogan that "ICT is your ticket to the Top" and wishes to provide this opportunity to every child in the house.