Empowering children through recreational education

OneWorld Foundation presents its first project in Lima, Peru. The peripheral areas surrounding the city of Lima are struck with child labour and extreme poverty. These neighborhoods generally lack basic services while the few they have are inadequate. Public schools in the area also have very poor facilities and limited resources.


For all these reasons, OneWorld Foundation decided to support the work of the local organization AGTR (La Asociación Grupo de Trabajo Redes), which aims to eradicate child domestic labour and protect children's rights. The area of intervention of the project, funded by the OneWorld Foundation, is one of these low-income areas, namely, the district of San Juan de Miraflores, located on the south of the Peruvian capital. The initiative will start in March, 2017 in one of the primary schools in the district and will involve 100 children. One classroom will be transformed into a library which will remain available even after the conclusion of the project. The teachers will work with the students to develop their reading habits and encourage their curiosity.


The project has two main objectives. Firstly, it will promote recreational reading among children by supplying them with engaging books and interesting materials, which otherwise they would not be able to afford. Secondly, this will not only extend their knowledge, but it will also develop their imagination and will help them enjoy their right to recreation. In addition, guided tours to interactive exhibitions and museums will be organized with the additional support of Fundación Telefónica. This valuable experience will also contribute to raising children's self-esteem as all of the children come from poor and uneducated families. We hope that they will be motivated to learn and fight for a better future. Finally, the project will be coordinated by a psychologist with a great deal of experience in working with children.


Together with AGTR, we envision a world where child domestic labor has been eradicated. What is more, we echo the belief that children's empowerment and education are the first steps towards achieving this vision.