Free Professional Specialization for 40 Indian girls

OneWorld Foundation has partnered with the Women for Women (WFW) society in Kannamangalam, Tamilnadu State, India to provide an opportunity for 40 girls from disadvantaged backgrounds to attend a Professional Medical course. After completing the course, the young women will receive a Diploma in Nursing Assistance, formally approved by Bharat Sevak Samaj of Government of India and currently organized by Women for Women at the premises of the Arts & Medical Institute. The institute was founded with the specific purpose of educating young girls from poor families by offering professional courses.

We granted the funds needed to ensure that these 40 girls can attend the course for free as we believe that professional specialization is something really valuable and should be made available for everyone. It is our strong belief that mastering a specific skill can help youngsters find better employment opportunities in the future. We are sure that after receiving their Diplomas, they will be able to earn a sustainable livelihood and thus, support their families.

All 40 participants were chosen based on school performance and economic background. All the young ladies were good students but could not continue their education due to financial difficulties. Therefore, we hope that we are giving them an chance to prove their motivation and fulfill their dreams.

With our grant, WFW would be able to provide scholarships for the girls, books and essential medical equipment, uniforms and the things needed for the final examination. The girls also participate in health promotion campaigns and disease prevention activities in the neighborhood villages. At the final stages of their course, the girls are send to health centers, government hospitals and private clinics to receive a hands-on experience.

However, the impact of the course doesn't end with the 40 participants. Our local partners reported that the girls from the course share their experience and their knowledge with other young women in their communities. These girls are perceived as role models by their younger counterparts who also want to follow their steps in education and professional specialization.

We are also happy to learn that the young ladies are supported and encouraged by their mothers who "don’t want their children to undergo the difficulties that they had undergone in their lives because of lack of education." - said Mrs. M. Jayamala, secretary of WFW.

After the course, the girls will also receive a list of potential employment opportunities by the organizers. We hope that our support will help all 40 girls find their dream jobs.