Learning through sport

There is little doubt about the value of sport for children's development and its importance as a learning environment. Through sport children enhance their physical skills and over whole condition, learn new ones such as being a team player, make friends while having fun, improve their self-esteem and many more.


We, at OneWorld Foundation, also believe that the lack of funds, should not stop children from following their dreams. Therefore, we are proud to support the maintenance of a local football stadium where children with passion for football can practice and become great players. The stadium is situated in one of the biggest districts of Sofia, Bulgaria and is owned by FC Lyulin (football club).


With our support the teen and the adult teams will play on the well-maintained green grass of the stadium. We have also ensured they have beautiful green football uniforms, branded jackets and even school bags. They will train under the supervision of their football coach who will teach them not only sports technique but also fair play, persistence and the importance of ethics. We hope that the 20 children and teens who are currently in the team will also bring their friends and school mates to practice with them.


OWF echoes the belief that children who practice different sports from early age, grow up to be healthier and happier adults. In addition, we want to give them also fun and active childhood, full of adventures through which they are encouraged to follow their dreams and inspirations.


This project's motto is “Active children grow up to be active adults”.