OWF is dogs' best friend

It was a busy, but nevertheless, fun and adventurous weekend for the staff of OneWorld Foundation and OneLife. Eleven volunteers spent both Saturday and Sunday playing with stray dogs in 2 animal shelters in Sofia and Veliko Turnovo,  Bulgaria. There were some tears in the eyes of some of our colleagues, but most of all, there was happiness and content expressed on both people's and dogs' faces. 

Besides providing food, medicine and toys for 4 shelters for stray animals, we also believe that donating our time is also as valuable as money and in kind donations. These poor creatures who survived terrible beatings and inhuman treatment need more than anything love, care and affection. And we believe we have given a piece of our hearts and souls to them. 

By launching the OneFriend initiative we hope to bring more attention to the problem with the stray animals and most of all, we would like to remind the society that animals have the right to live on the planet as much as humans do. OWF would like to strongly advocate for the protection of animals' rights because they deserve to live free from suffering and exploitation. We would also like to advocate for the adoption of stray animals which will show you great more love and gratitude than home animals. 

Finally, we would like to remind that all animals have the ability to suffer, feel pain, fear or loneliness. So we believe that as people we are morally obligated to ease their lives and provide love and care for them.

OWF will continue with its initiative so stay tuned  for more news, love and dancing dogs* ;)


*P.S: One of dogs was so happy to see our volunteers who smiled at him, petted and fed him that he carried out a special dance for them which he learnt when he once had a home.