OneWorld Foundation continues with its sanitation & education programme in various African countries. This time we turn our eyes to the Mombo Primary School in the Bangem Sub Division, South West Region of Cameroon which needed support to imrpove the school sanitation facilities.

Together with Action for Change, Cameroon, we started constructing gender-sensitive latrines for girls and boys and we will supply the school with drinking water utilities. The implementation of this project will benefit roughly 160 school children and their teachers. 

With no school latrines, open defecation is widely practiced. Cholera, dysentery and typhoid are common during the rainy season. With this project we aim to change that and improve the health condition of the students as well as to encouage them to go to school regularly. Along with the construction of the latrines, classes on personal hygiene will be carried out to spread awareness on water-related diseases and proper sanitation.