OWF funded music therapy classes for children with special needs in Varna, Bulgaria. Our partners from Karin dom ensure that children with special needs are supported by their families, so they can continue taking care of their children instead of leaving them in orphanages or state institutions.  

Music therapy is internationally recognized as a therapeutic method which brings significant improvement to children's communication and social skills. The classes are facilitated by trained specialists and include a variety of instruments from all over the world. Furthermore, the therapy helps the children to concentrate, while it also positively influences their central nervous system and stimulates their breathing. Children are very enthusiastic about their classes and respond very well to them. 

Children with special needs are often perceived as children with disabilities which makes their integration into society a difficult task. Their potential for development is not recognized which puts them at risk of abandoning. With the music therapy, we are able to show the world their progress and help them further with their achievements in life.