As our aim is to empower young people and help them fulfill their potential, we partnered with ANYiSO to provide skill development workshops for disadvantaged African and ethnic minority children and youngsters. Our goal is to increase their self-esteem, improve their life skills, reduce stress, promote integration and engage young people to help them become responsible citizens. Children and young people are given the support and services needed to enable them to live better lives, free from discrimination and abuse.

Most of the children experienced traumatic events in their past which led to problems in school, difficulties with learning, attention span and communication. They often suffer from anxiety, depression, drug or alcohol abuse, eating disorders, etc.

Our joint efforts will empower them through education, trainings, counselling, art and craft workshops. We hope to boost their self-confidence and self-esteem which will reduce stress and provide a positive impact throughout the whole community. We will help them learn new skills, discover hidden talents and support them in becoming active young citizens. Finally, this assistance would encourage them to start a career in industries such as art and crafts.

The children and their tutors will meet weekly for 52 weeks at the Knightswood Community Center in Glasgow. They will have classes in bead making, knitting, drawing and paining, accessory making, etc.