OWF receives dozens of requests for support on a daily basis and we try to provide assistance where it is most needed. This was the case with the Chrystal Children's Center in Kampala, Uganda. The center takes care of 30 orphans by providing them with a loving home where they grow and learn. 

When we got in touch with them, they were struggling trying to meet the children's basic needs for food and medicine. Some of the kids were even hospitalized due to severe infections caused by lack of proper nutrition. Luckily, right now this has all changed for the better. We made sure the center has enough funds to guarantee all the children a healthy environment for 4 months, providing them with enough food, medicine, water and other essential supplies. In addition, we made sure that they celebrate Easter with food on the table and little treats for each and every one of them. The staff reported that the center has never celebrated like this before.

OWF also funded the purchase of two computers that are essential for the education of the children, and also a new washing machine to ensure the maintaining of a good hygiene in the center.. 

We really hope that this story will inspire other people to get involved and support the Chrystal Children's center, so they have enough funds for the whole year.