Girls Second Hope Initiative

OWF has joined hands with the Women Development & Community Organization to provide education to girls from the isolated areas of Baluchistan, Pakistan. Baluchistan is the province with the lowest literacy rates in Pakistan. The lack of schools, the poor infrastructure and facilities, make the situation even worse. Girls are the ones who suffer the most due to extreme poverty, cultural norms and lack of income. In addition, secondary schools are very few and are often located at distant places. For example, there is one secondary school per 11 primary schools. What is more, every fifth child has to travel more than 30 minute and every eight child has to travel at least one hour to school. 

Through the Girls Second Hope Initiative, we would like to focus on girls who do not have access to secondary education. Support will be provided to 4 secondary schools where teachers will receive training and girls will be encouraged to continue with their education. Moreover girls threatened from dropping out will receive material and coaching support. Awareness and enrollment campaigns will be organized at a community level to facilitate the transition of the girls into secondary education. 

It is expected that the project will benefit a total number of 500 students and 20 teachers from Sohbat Pur and Hamid Pur, Baluchistan.