As our aim is to empower young people and help them fulfill their potential, we partnered with ANYiSO to provide skill development workshops for disadvantaged African and ethnic minority children and youngsters. Our goal is to increase their self-esteem, improve their life skills, reduce stress, promote integration and engage young people to help them become responsible citizens. Children and young people are given the support and services needed to enable them to live better lives, free from discrimination and abuse. Most of the children experienced traumatic events in their past which led to problems in school, difficultie... click for more
  • In-Home Child Sponsorship Program

    We are excited about our new partnership with CameroonOne. We have funded their In-Home Child Sponsorship program. The project has been designed to support both orphans and their surviving relatives with the goal of keeping families together.  Together we will provide 32 scholarships to children from the Mankon and Belo communities in two villages in Northwest Cameroon. The children are selected by a vulnerability criteria chain. By international laws and standards, orphaned children are supposed to be reunited with family members. If there are no family members capable of raising them, then they should be placed w... click for more
  • Girls Second Hope Initiative

    OWF has joined hands with the Women Development & Community Organization to provide education to girls from the isolated areas of Baluchistan, Pakistan. Baluchistan is the province with the lowest literacy rates in Pakistan. The lack of schools, the poor infrastructure and facilities, make the situation even worse. Girls are the ones who suffer the most due to extreme poverty, cultural norms and lack of income. In addition, secondary schools are very few and are often located at distant places. For example, there is one secondary school per 11 primary schools. What is more, every fifth child has to travel more than 30 minute and e... click for more
  • Water & Sanitation Programme

    OneWorld Foundation continues with its Water & Sanitation Programme. This time we've partnered with Vicony's Global Success World NGO (VGSW) in Northern Cameroon. The Bome valley is an isolated community in one of the least developed Divisions of the North West Region of Cameroon. This community has a secondary school and five primary schools whose infrastructure and toilet facilities are in a deplorable state. After several incidents due to the poor state of the sanitation facilities, the head teachers of the schools have banned the use of the toilets. This has led many pupils to seek privacy in nearby bushes, abandoned c... click for more

    Sonam Tamang is a 10 year old girl. She was living with her employer at Sinamangal, Kathmandu. Her father and mother live in a remote area of eastern Nepal. The girl was rescued by CWISH, Nepal in coordination with the District Child Welfare Board (DCWB). She was provided psycho-social counseling support. During the sessions she shared all that happened to her in that house. Though she was enrolled in the nearby school she was not send to school by her employer. She  was living in a small congested room having no windows and ventilation. She had to wake up early in the morning and do all the domestic work at the house,... click for more

    OneWorld Foundation continues with its sanitation & education programme in various African countries. This time we turn our eyes to the Mombo Primary School in the Bangem Sub Division, South West Region of Cameroon which needed support to imrpove the school sanitation facilities. Together with Action for Change, Cameroon, we started constructing gender-sensitive latrines for girls and boys and we will supply the school with drinking water utilities. The implementation of this project will benefit roughly 160 school children and their teachers.  With no school latrines, open defecation is widely practiced.... click for more

    Thousands of children grow up in rural communities with no access to electricity, internet or adequate education. The Dikenaofeiyi community, located in Imo State, South East of Nigeria, is one of those places where most of the parents are illiterate and 75% of the families live below poverty line. There are two community schools in the area - St. Francis and St. Paul primary schools, but they both lack modern facilities and basic educational materials. Therefore, OWF decided to help setting up digital libraries in both of the schools from which 350 pupils and 60 teachers will benefit.  The project aims to modernize... click for more

    The time spent at the Day Care Center in Fundulea, Romania is the favorite part of the day for 50 children from poor families. There they receive the care and the attention every child deserves in order to develop his/ her talents and skills. Furthermore, the children are welcomed with a hot meal which, for some of them, is the only one they receive during the day.  After arriving at the Day Care Center, children are encouraged to start preparing their homework and study their lessons. They often watch movies or documentaries which help them expand their knowledge about the world. In the late afternoon, the kids are bei... click for more

    OneWorld Foundation has teamed up with Fountain Youth Initiative to implement Mwihoko Water and Sanitation Project. The project will benefit 1700 vulnerable children and 32 teachers at Mwihoko Primary School, located in the Githurai division of the Ruiru district of Kenya. The Githurai division has a population of approximately 450 000 people with the majority being women and children. The local residents in Githurai are facing numerous social and economic challenges due to rapid population growth and the high level of illiteracy and poverty which are the main contributing factors for the underdevelopment of the community... click for more

    OWF funded music therapy classes for children with special needs in Varna, Bulgaria. Our partners from Karin dom ensure that children with special needs are supported by their families, so they can continue taking care of their children instead of leaving them in orphanages or state institutions.   Music therapy is internationally recognized as a therapeutic method which brings significant improvement to children's communication and social skills. The classes are facilitated by trained specialists and include a variety of instruments from all over the world. Furthermore, the therapy helps the children to concentrate... click for more