• E-learning center for vulnerable youths

    We are very happy to announce our partnership with Educate A Child International which is a community based organization, located in Kases Municipality of Uganda.   We funded the establishment of a local e-learning center where vulnerable youths below the age of 25 will receive computer training. The project is targeting 60 youths in the three divisions of Kasese Municipality under the theme “Technological Entrepreneurship and Creativity". We decided to support this project in order to bridge the gap between education and technology in Uganda.   The center aims to enhance partici... click for more
  • Access to water fosters education

    "Water is the driving force of all nature" said Leonardo da Vinci once. Without water, there would be no life. Unfortunately, millions of children and their families still face the difficulty of finding clean drinking water.   As we believe that OWF is driving change, we decided to grant the funding requested by the Foundation for Uganda Women Development (FFUWD) for the construction of a ferrocement water tank. The tank will be placed in the Nakaloke Subcounty, Mbale District in Eastern Uganda. It will be in a close proximity to the Kolonyi P/S school and will also be accessible by the people in the vill... click for more
  • Educating tobacco child workers

    We continue with projects trying to remedy the situation of child labourers worldwide. This time we are turning our eyes to the country of Malawi and its tobacco plantations. OneWorld Foundation decides to support the work of the Centre for Child Development and Research (CCDR), Malawi. CCDR is a local child and youth-focused, non-governmental organization that envisions Malawi as a country where children have the opportunity to grow and develop to their full potential in a caring, supportive, and protective environment.   OneWorld Foundation will provide the funding needed for the construction of four sites for th... click for more
  • Protection of Child Domestic Workers in Nepal

    Committed to find solutions to child labour and to promote universal children's rights, we are excited to announce our new partnership with CWISH (Children and Women in Social Service and Human Rights), Nepal. CWISH is a Nepalese non-governmental organization with 23 years of experience in fighting child labor and trafficking. It is recognized as the leading organization in Nepal in this intervention area. Its work became even more crucial in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake that happened in Nepal in April 2015. CWISH reached out to 33,472 children directly affected by the earthquake through counseling and educational suppor... click for more
  • OWF funded the education of 50 slum children

    OneWorld Foundation joined efforts with the Gyan Shala India, an organization that strives to ensure the quality of basic education to the children from poor rural and urban families, in order to ensure proper education for out-of-school slum children. With the support provided by us, Gyan Shala is able to provide high quality education to 50 children from minority and migrant communities in grades 2 and 3 (elementary school) in the Ayub Nagar slums of Kolkata.   Most of these children are first generation learners and half of them are girls. These children cannot afford to g... click for more
  • Teaching slum children to code

    Since OWF establishment, we have promised to dedicate our efforts to facilitating the access of children to technology so they can develop 21st-century skills. Therefore, we are very happy to become part of a very successful and innovative project that takes place in one of the largest slums in the world - Mumbai's Dharavi. For already three years, the Slum Innovation Project teaches local teenage girls to code and make apps and, thus, empowers them to solve their community's problems. The project started as a documentary initiative of Mr. Nawneet Ranjan, a social entrepreneur and a filmmaker, telling the story of the people living... click for more
  • Empowering children through recreational education

    OneWorld Foundation presents its first project in Lima, Peru. The peripheral areas surrounding the city of Lima are struck with child labour and extreme poverty. These neighborhoods generally lack basic services while the few they have are inadequate. Public schools in the area also have very poor facilities and limited resources.   For all these reasons, OneWorld Foundation decided to support the work of the local organization AGTR (La Asociación Grupo de Trabajo Redes), which aims to eradicate child domestic labour and protect children's rights. The area of intervention of the project, funded by the On... click for more
  • Empowering working children through education

    We promised to dedicate the year of 2017 to eradicating child labour though sustainable methods, taking into account local cultural and economic aspects. Therefore, we decided to pursue three strategies to do so, namely, facilitating and promoting awareness programs, encouraging self-help initiatives and developing educational programmes. As our first project in this direction, OneWorld Foundation joins efforts with Childhood Enhancement through Training and Action (CHETNA), an Indian NGO working on the protection of street and working children (SWC), which mission is to create a child-frie... click for more
  • Learning through sport

    There is little doubt about the value of sport for children's development and its importance as a learning environment. Through sport children enhance their physical skills and over whole condition, learn new ones such as being a team player, make friends while having fun, improve their self-esteem and many more.   We, at OneWorld Foundation, also believe that the lack of funds, should not stop children from following their dreams. Therefore, we are proud to support the maintenance of a local football stadium where children with passion for football can practice and become great players. The stadium is situated... click for more
  • OneWorld Foundation Review 2016: Leading the way to a better future for 5205 children

    WOW! What a fantastic year it was in terms of our global charity outreach! We are thrilled to share with you our impact and achievements in 2016, when OWF's team and supporters joined efforts together to create more opportunities for children worldwide. OneWorld Foundation successfully funded 64 projects in 24 countries. We managed to allocate €339 625 and $100 000 more personal donations from our Patron - Dr. Ruja Ignatova. We are humbled to say that every cent was donated to causes that we hope will change lives for the better.  With your incomparable help and constant support, we rea... click for more