• Free Professional Specialization for 40 Indian girls

    OneWorld Foundation has partnered with the Women for Women (WFW) society in Kannamangalam, Tamilnadu State, India to provide an opportunity for 40 girls from disadvantaged backgrounds to attend a Professional Medical course. After completing the course, the young women will receive a Diploma in Nursing Assistance, formally approved by Bharat Sevak Samaj of Government of India and currently organized by Women for Women at the premises of the Arts & Medical Institute. The institute was founded with the specific purpose of educating young girls from poor families by offering professional courses. We granted the funds needed to e... click for more
  • The OneFriend Campaign

    OWF's team rocks again! You all know that dogs are man's best friend, right? Therefore, we decided to launch yet another initiative called “The OneFriend Campaign”. Although, OWF's mission remains to empower children to develop their potential through education and long-term support, we decided that as a team we can do something more for this world. We are all part of a unique ecosystem with thousands of other creatures and we all need to put effort to preserve it for the future generations. As the most developed organism on our planet, people should learn to care for and protect the nature and its inhabit... click for more
  • Street Education Programme in the Philippines

    Hurrah! We are so happy as we are expanding our charity work yet to another country. There are hundreds of street children, wandering around the city of Manila, Philippines who need care, support and education. Therefore, we partnered with ChildHope Philippines so their Street Education Programme could continue.   This programme allows the most disadvantaged street children to participate in free alternative classes on essential topics and receive basic general education. The street classes are made possible thanks to the Mobile Education Vans (MEVs) which travel the city streets and provide children with an i... click for more
  • ICT class – a ticket to the top!

    Yet another project is on its way and it is also in a new country for us. OWF ensured that 75 children at the Somawathi Home in Sri Lanka will follow ICT (Information and Communications technology) classes for a whole year.  The Somawathi house is a lot more than just a home for 125 children. It provides the children with a loving and safe environment in which they can grow and develop into healthy, responsible and educated members of society. The house also has developed extra-curricular classes open for other children as well. Many toddlers and preschoolers attend the Montessori school located on the prem... click for more

    Another project in Vietnam is already underway. And another great partnership has been launched by the OWF. Together with the Blue Dragon Foundation, we will provide support for one year to 10 Vietnamese kids from Thua Thien - Hue Province which is economically disadvantaged. Nearly 10% of the total population is classified as poor with more than half of which are women. Most people living in poverty live outside the city area, and their primary source of income is agriculture and fishery. Phu Vang and Phu Loc, where nearly all of Blue Dragon’s children live, are among the most vulnerable districts in the pro... click for more
  • OWF funded a unique Children's House in Bulgaria

    “For Our Children” and OneWorld Foundation continue their partnership with another funded project. OWF's donation for 2016 will be used to improve the lives of 3 babies deprived of parental care who live in the Children's House where a real family is taking care of 6 children altogether. Within a year, thanks to the OneWorld Foundation, these children will live in a safe environment where they will be loved and protected until they find a real family. The Children's House project started in 2011 with the idea to build a home in which children separated from their parents would be cared for with lots of lov... click for more
  • Free High School Education for 2 Thai Students

    OneWorld Foundation expands its partnership with Child's Dream Association through our commitment to provide full scholarships for the high school education of 2 Thai students.  We decided to take part in the Child's Dream High School Scholarship Programme as we would like to join their efforts to support highly capable individuals in maximizing their potential by continuing education. We echo the belief that education is one of the most important factors for sustained economic development and that it also promotes a culture of peace, tolerance and understanding and builds the foundation for diversity, human rights a... click for more
  • School the Spark – Ensuring children’s abilities are turned into possibilities

    Following our campaign against child labour we decided to dedicate our efforts to ensure that children spend time at school learning rather than on the streets working or begging. Therefore, we are happy to support CRY's School the Spark Campaign. CRY - Child Rights and You is an organisation that is working to enable children to realise their full potential as well as to secure, protect and honor the rights of India's children through individual and collective efforts. Hence, ‘School the spark’ campaign aims to prevent children dropping out of school in the two target areas of Gujarat and Bangalore. The campa... click for more
  • Dream with Me

    You probably do not know what Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) is, do you? We did not know either. Not before we find out about the great work of Enlace Distrofia Muscular Duchenne Becker A.C.  Enlace is an NGO in Chihuahua, México which purpose is to improve the quality of life of DMD pediatric patients, ensuring that their families, doctors and local communities are involved in the treatment process. DMD is one of the most fatal genetic disorders diagnosed in childhood, affecting approximately 1 in every 3,500 male births. DMD results in progressive loss of muscle strength while the muscle cells are easily damaged... click for more
  • OWF is dogs' best friend

    It was a busy, but nevertheless, fun and adventurous weekend for the staff of OneWorld Foundation and OneLife. Eleven volunteers spent both Saturday and Sunday playing with stray dogs in 2 animal shelters in Sofia and Veliko Turnovo,  Bulgaria. There were some tears in the eyes of some of our colleagues, but most of all, there was happiness and content expressed on both people's and dogs' faces.  Besides providing food, medicine and toys for 4 shelters for stray animals, we also believe that donating our time is also as valuable as money and in kind donations. These poor creatures who survived terrible beatings... click for more