• Helping child workers in India continue their education

    If you are following our social media channels, you should know by now that OneWorld Foundation is directing its efforts towards the critical issue of child labour and its prevention. There are several ways to do so and we will do our best to try to employ all of them. Firstly, we raise public awareness about the fact that there are more than 200 millions child labourers today. Secondly, we believe that the best tool to prevent this from happening is education and therefore, we support projects which encourage children to study rather than work. Lastly, to do so the local communities and the families of the children should be also inv... click for more
  • Supplementary Education Helps 150 Children Escape Poverty

    OneWorld Foundation continues with its vital support for child labourers and vulnerable children in India. Today we will present you our joint project with Women's Organization for Rural Development (WORD) based in Pothanur, Tamilandu, India. WORD is a grassroots, woman-headed NGO working in the Namakkal district for more than two decades to fight discrimination and provide equal standards for the Arunthathiyar caste. They do so by group mobilization efforts, capacity building, economic interventions and additional education for children, showing them another alternative to child labour. Other areas of WORD's work... click for more
  • Empowerment of street children in Brazil through art

    We are very thrilled to announce our first project in Brazil which aims to empower children from the streets of Fortaleza, Brazil to change their reality. For a long time art has been used as a tool for social inclusion and empowerment so it is no surprise that we will also resort to it in order to facilitate change in children's attitude and perception. The project which will take place from January to April 2017 in Fortaleza, Brazil will be implemented by our local partners from The Little Nazareno Association (LNA). LNA was founded to help children find their way off the street and lead a normal life. The project... click for more
  • Enhancing Employment Opportunities for Youths in Bolivia

    In order to find a job in a city with high unemployment rate, it is worth it to acquire a specific skill that can give you a competitive advantage on the job market and help you develop a successful career. This is exactly what that Yanapasinani Center is doing with the indispensable support of OneWorld Foundation. Yanapasinani Bolivia Center was founded in 2003 in the city of El Alto, Bolivia to empower teen mothers and youths, to develop their skills and integrate them into the labour market.   In the next three months 16 young women and men, in danger of social exclusion, will participate in a pastry making cour... click for more
  • New modern classroom for 160 children with special needs

    Education is one of the most essential tools for future success in life. Education means also empowerment, opportunity, strength. What is more, education is a right and we strongly urge that all children around the world have access to it. OneWorld Foundation has been advocating for the universality of this right since its establishment and that is why, we are proud to share with you yet another successfully executed project promoting inclusive education. This time we directed our help to 160 children from the School Centre for Inclusive Education "Maria Montessori” in Constanta, Romania. The centre is a public institu... click for more
  • Empowering vulnerable girls in Vietnam

    OneWorld Foundation continues with its vital support in Vietnam. This time we dedicate our efforts and funds to the cause of the Humanitarian Services for Children of Vietnam (HSCV) and their Blossom House (BH). The BH was designed to provide refuge and support to girls living in an abusive environment and/or living in abject poverty without stable family support. It opened in June 2011 and so far has accommodated 34 girls. The girls can stay in the house as long as they go regularly to school and follow the house rules.   Our support will help the HSCV to provide the girls with nutritious meals, quality health car... click for more
  • First Sensory Room in the city of Almaty

    The city of Almaty in Kazakhstan will now have its first Sensory room where children with sensory integration disorder can play and receive therapy. It is a place specifically designed and equipped to stimulate the senses of hearing, sight, touch and smell and to promote positive change in children with communication disorders. The room will be open for all children at pre-school and school age and their parents but it is especially helpful for children with disabilities or cognitive impairments.  The room facilities include a variety of lighting effects, soft music, educational games and other stimulating... click for more
  • Autism Therapy Workshop

    Bulgarian children with autism will now receive better care and therapy after OneWorld Foundation contributed funds so the American expert in the field, Dr. Jake Greenspan, can visit Bulgaria on the initiative of our partner, I CAN TOO Foundation, and introduce one of the most effective methods of therapy for children with autism.  Dr. Greenspan carried out a workshop for local specialists from the WE CAN TOO Center for Children with Autism in the city of Plovdiv Bulgaria on the therapeutic method “The Greenspan Floortime Approach”. This approach was designed to address the emotional and cognitive ne... click for more

    Is there anybody who does not love short movies? No, right? We thought so too. Therefore, we decided to support one with a worthy cause.  We present to you the film 'Life in 4 Seasons' and its campaign 'Wake Up'. “Life in Four Seasons” is an extraordinary story told through the eyes and imagination of a six-year old boy who faces a series of challenges by Mother Earth. Throughout the course of the film, we witness the transformation he experiences. He overcomes fear, gets inspired and becomes strong-willed. But most importantly – he meets legendary h... click for more
  • OneWorld Foundation equipped FIVE WORKING PLACES for our Olympic Physics Team

    We are extremely trilled to announce the result of our fruitful collaboration with the Association of the Leaders of the Natural Sciences Olympic Teams.   With great dedication and generous support, we managed to equip a Physics Lab with five working places at the Physics Faculty of Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski". The equipment consists of oscilloscopes, power supplies, generators and laptops. The Lab will be the training hub for the Bulgarian Olympic Team in Physics. The team will represent the country at the International Olympics in Physics which will be held in Zurich, Switzerland from 10 click for more